We offer classes for the wedding pros and for the everyday gals!

We are so excited to announce our new Twirly Shears Mentorship Program. You're probably wondering what this is all about! We are here to serve two groups of ladies, the hair dresses looking to step up their game and the women who are just starting out.

In our Professional Program we will provide professionals with hair styling lessons, teaching the latest in wedding styling trends and tricks + techniques to get desired looks. 

In our Beginners Program we sit down and teach one on one hair and/or makeup lessons using your own products and will give product recommendations based on noticed needs.


What to expect at your personal one on one lesson:

-Introductory consultation where I gather lots of information from you to understand your needs, your skillset, the look you want to achieve and create a personal plan of how to best achieve those goals for you.

-Easy tips for applying makeup; we will use your own personal makeup and tools and I will teach you best application methods and will also guide you on what items you may need to add to your stash.

-Easy tips for simple hair styling at home; using your own tools, I will teach you best methods for curling, blow drying, and styling for your needs based on skill level, how much time you want to spend styling your hair and style preference.

-The goal is to give you skillful tools and tips to help you feel more confident in applying your own makeup and styling your own hair.

-You will receive a personal plan detailing the methods learned, product placement and product suggestion.

Personal - one on one lessons for hair styling or makeup or both
$100 per hour

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What to expect at your one on one professional hair styling/makeup session:

-One hour of focused attention on any skill you are wanting to learn or master.
-I will show you the tried and trusted techniques I have learned and use to get the best possible results.
-Product knowledge; learn when to use certain products, what products to avoid and which ones to stock up on.
-You will leave with new skills and techniques to give you confidence in your styling and makeup application.

What to expect at your one on one business session:

We will discuss all things back office! You can ask all the questions about how I run my business behind the scenes. I will offer any knowledge I have that can help you on your business journey from operating HoneyBook to getting legally legit!

professional - one on one session for hair styling, makeup or both or business sessions - $250 per hour

let's do this!

Hi there! I'm Kandra, the face behind Twirly Shears and I'm so glad you're here!

I have taken hours and hours of continued education to learn advanced hair styling and makeup techniques along with business classes to learn how to run the behind the scenes of my business smoothly. I have a passion for providing my brides with the best possible version of their dream bridal look! I have taken all that I have learned and have created my own unique style to what I create and I would love to share these tips and tricks with you!